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    CWD has 13 spring sources and 1 surface water source all located in Brgy. Yaganak each with issued National Water Resources Board (NWRB) permit.

The production yield of the spring ranges from 30-40lps depending on the time of the year where the lowest of it falls on summer season. 

    Ten (10) of the spring sources are located inside the declared water shed. The water of the said springs is collected into a concrete sump. After the concrete sump, water from Yaganak Spring, Villarubia Spring and Delos Trinos Spring were added to the transmission main. While water from  Calauag River is being pumped to 600 m3 concrete reservoir using 2-hp and 15-hp submersible pumps. The water is then distributed by the gravity to the consumers.



There are three chlorination points in the system.

a. Located in Bry. Sumilang using Chlorine dosing pump;

b. In the concrete sump in Brgy. Yaganak using a drip-type chlorinator; and

c. In the concrete reservoir in Brgy. Yaganak using a drip-type chlorinator


    Monitoring of chlorine residual in the distribution system is regular. Four bottles of water samples are collected monthly. The said samples are being brought to Quezon Medical Center Water Laboratory Heterotrophic Plate Count (HPC) and Bacteriological testing. The results were submitted to Municipal Head Center for its Certification Potability. 


Transmission Mains

    The transmission mains of of the CWD consist of various lengths of the 250mmø, 200mmø, 150mmø,125mmø, and 100mmø pipes made from variety of materials mostly PVC but part of it has Cast Iron, Galvanized Iron and Asbestos Cement. It has a total length of 17.588 km. 



    The District is using a 600mconcrete ground reservoir in Brgy. Yaganak. It is used as an intermediate tank collecting the water pumped from the Calauag River passing to a horizontal roughing filter and clear water pump station.


Distribution Facilities

    The distribution lines of the CWD consist of various lengths of150mmø, 100mmø, and 75mmø PVC pipes. It has total length of 12.375km.


Service Connection

The CWD has a total of 3,781 service connections as of Sept. 2019

The table below shows the breakdown of the total concessionaires:



On-Going Project Funded by Salintubig

       The on-going project by the the District funded by the Salintubig is being implemented by the Administration through the supervision of the resident Engineer from the LWUA. Among the priorities from the unfinished NLIF project to be continued under this program include:

a. Laying of distribution pipelines on part of Juan Sunog St. (Boulevard) Brgy 3, to Baldias St. in Brgy. Sabang, pipelines extension in Brgy. Sabang 2 going to housing project near DENR office, Brgy. Sumilang and Brgy. Sumulong.

b. Relocation / fixing of service lines laid along canals in the poblacion.

c. Rehabilitation of existing sources.



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