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By phone:(042) 717-7223 or 09685961713
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  • Entertain, record and endorse to concerned personnel legitimate customer's complaints/requests within five (5) minutes upon receipt of the same.

  • Accept Water bill payments within five (5)minutes per receipt upon presentation of the same to the teller.

  • Refer customer to a maximum of only two (2) personnel.

  • Complex transactions that require the use of discretion in the resolution of complicated issues will acted by the assigned officer or employees within five (5) working days and may be extended for another five (5) working days under unusual circumstances.

  • Set appointments for customers who may have to wait for more than ten (10) minutes.

  • Provide assistance to senior citizens and persons with disabilities.

  • Provide direction to visitors who are unfamiliar with office premises.

  • Render service with sincere smile at all times.

  • Provide clean rest rooms,

  • Guarantee that there are no extra fees and charges to be collected in the processing of documents.

  • Provide direct access to:

Mrs. Nelia C. Avila 

General Manager 

Calauag Water District 

Tel. No. 042 - 717 - 7223

For written customer request / complaints

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